Monday, November 12, 2012

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Monday, November 12, 2012

Green Tea Sugar Scrub in 2 ounce jar
Green Tea Sugar Scrub in the 2oz jar

Well, the kids are FINALLY back to school!  Yes, they were home for two weeks in my little section of the world due to power outages from Hurricane Sandy.  The power is mostly back on, although a few homes are still dark and cold.  We are so appreciative of the folks from Duke Power who have come north to help out in NJ.  You guys ROCK!

Now, if you have been cleaning up after the hurricane, or have rough hands from house cleaning, taking care of animals, scrubbing stains and more...I have got something that can help:  Green Tea Sugar Scrub!

It's the easiest thing to make and it really works!  This is not one of those things you see on Pinterest that ends up a waste of time and effort.  AND you will only need ingredients you probably have on hand.

You start with about a cup of granulated sugar in a bowl.  Add about 2 teaspoons of olive oil.  (More or less according to how moist you like your scrub.  Mix thoroughly.  It should look something like this:

Granulated sugar and olive oil in a bowl

Then you add a drop of two of fragrance oil and stir to distribute.  I love this Green Tea fragrance oil from Home Essense:
Green Tea Fragrance Oil

Next, decided how you want to package your sugar scrub.  I like things in neat little packages, so I chose to pack the sugar scrub in clean baby food jars.  Ask around, I'm sure you can find a friend or neighbor with way too many baby food jars!

Use a small spoon to pack the sugar scrub into the jars, then wipe the top edge. 

Sugar scrub in baby food jars

I put a circle of scrapbook paper on the lid to hide the brand of baby food.  I also glued a piece of ribbon around the edge of the lid.  You can hand-write or use your computer to make a label for the jars.  I included instructions on mine. 

To Use:
Massage 1/4 teas onto hands.
Rinse and dry.

Feel free to add stickers, rhinestones, buttons, Jolee's cutouts or other decorative items to the lids or labels.

Green Tea Sugar Scrub
Don't you love the three sizes?
Small, Medium and Large Green Tea Sugar Scrubs
I decided to make three sizes of the sugar scrub.  I used 2oz, 4oz and 6oz baby food jars.  (Sterilized of course!)

Green Tea Sugar Scrub, Christmas gift idea

Make extras of these, because once your friends, co-workers and sisters try this, they will want more!  What a lovely gift idea.  Green Tea Sugar Scrub is versatile because you can dress the jar for any shower, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday or just because.  Enjoy!

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Green Tea Sugar Scrub

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