Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving is just one short week away!  Many of you have been preparing for family gatherings by changing the sheets in the guest room, buying the non-perishable part of your Thanksgiving meal and putting an extra leaf in the table.

Have you sent your Thanksgiving cards yet?  Here are a few for inspiration.  (In case you are not hosting Thanksgiving and have a few minutes to cobble together some cards!)

Thanksgiving card with pewter charm
The card shown here is enhanced with a pewter pumpkin charm.  You'll also note the sheer ribbon which unites the circles across the top third of the card.  Keep the colors either muted, clear or bright.  I chose shades of pumpkin, sage, paprika and leaf brown to perpetuate the theme.  An alternate color scheme of neon shades would make an adorable birthday card. 
Thanksgiving card with pewter charm

How cute are these papers with the acorns?  I love the bag o' leaves pewter charm!  The brown grosgrain ribbon adds unity and simplifies the busy patterns.  Card sentiment says "For You". 

Greeting cards with freestyle trees
The cute, multi-colored trees on the above card are suitable for many occasions.  I especially like the free-form tree trunks and embroidery floss tied on the center tree.  Don't be afraid to mix shades of green for the hills.  Also pull scraps from different manufacturers for the foliage circles.  Variety is preferred on a card like this. 

I will be sure to post more cards for you to use as inspiration! Pin It Now!

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