Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Business Venture?

Saturday, December 1, 2012

"SOMEONE'S making a lot of cookies!" a friendly grandmother says to me in line at the grocery store.  She sees my 10 pound bag of granulated sugar on the belt.  "Well, actually,"  I reply, "I'm making sugar scrub."  I pulled a small jar of the Green Tea Sugar Scrub I've been making from my purse to show her and the cashier.  I explain that sugar scrub moisturizes and exfoliates.  (As I pretend wash my hands in the store.)  That's when the friendly grandmother reaches out to touch my hand and says, "They ARE soft!" 

I am smiling recalling this many good things about it! 

So here's what has been happening:  I have been making a LOT of sugar scrub and people from near and far are purchasing for gifts for the holidays!  I have now expanded my line to include three fragrances of sugar scrub:

Green Tea
Green Tea Sugar Scrub

Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

Vanilla Brown Sugar
Vanilla Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Each is available in three sizes:
2oz for $4 (Plus shipping)
4oz for $5  (Plus shipping)
6oz for $6  (Plus shipping)

One customer bought a small jar of Green Tea Sugar Scrub and opened it immediately upon returning home to try it.  She emailed me right away to say she must have another jar because her hands were so soft after using it!

Customers are purchasing the jars for stocking stuffers, client thank-you's, hostess gifts, teacher gifts, and the perfect extra gift under the tree for unexpected visitors! 

Imagine my surprise when my initial stash of baby food jars is long gone!  My college roommate came to the rescue when I saw her over Thanksgiving.  I mentioned the trouble I've had finding empty baby food jars with lids and she remembered having some left over from a long ago project.  I went to her house later that day and what a find...she had two large boxes of  jars with lids!  Thank you Tracy!!

It is back to the kitchen for me...time to make more scrubs!  I am preparing for a vendor show on Thursday and want to be sure I have enough inventory on hand.  I know you are probably crafty and would rather make your own sugar scrub with the recipes I've supplied in previous posts, but if you just won't have the time or stumbled on this blog and aren't a do-it-yourselfer, let me know if I can ship any sugar scrub your way!  (US only)

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