Sunday, December 9, 2012

Benefits of Sugar Scrub

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub

I've talked a lot about Sugar Scrubs on this blog...but I don't think I've really addressed the benefits of  using Sugar Scrub.  If you've never tried one before, I know you'll be pleased with the texture of your skin after using it.

You will have healthier, more evenly-colored and textured skin after a few times using sugar scrub.  Skin is exfoliated, revealing healthy smooth skin.  Do you use a pumice stone for rough areas?  Try sugar scrubbing those same areas regularly and you may no longer need the pumice stone.

Sugar Scrub is helpful to use before shaving.  Because skin is exfoliated, you will prevent ingrown hair, bumps and irritation that sometimes accompanies shaving.

Try using your Sugar Scrub on dry hands, feet, knees, backs of arms, feet or anywhere skin is rough, bumpy, dry or flaky.  Customers have told me that Sugar Scrub helps those with psoriasis to control the flaking and itching.  Some want is specifically for the backs of their arms to help smooth the little red bumps that many people get there.

If you are a gardener, consider using Sugar Scrub to cleanse your hands at the end of the day.  The gentle scrubbers help with cleansing while the oil moisturizes skin.

Some customers have asked about possible allergic reactions.  My answer depends on the type of allergy you are dealing with.  Fragrance oils used in scrubs can be irritating to sensitive skin.  The one I would recommend to those with ultra-sensitive skin is the Vanilla Brown Sugar variety that I make.  There are only four ingredients: Brown sugar, granulated white sugar, vegetable oil and vanilla. 


Many companies make Sugar Scrub and while ingredients vary, prices also range from $10 a tube or jar to $60 or more!  If you are considering trying Sugar Scrub, take a look at the varieties that I make.  Mine start at $4/jar and are available in four different fragrances:  Green Tea, Eucalyptus, Vanilla Brown Sugar and Spiced Brown Sugar.  Each is packaged in recycled sterilized baby food jars.  Jars are decorated beautifully for gift-giving!

Spiced Brown Sugar Body Scrub

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